Three Reasons You Should Stop Procrastinating on Buying Life Insurance

Even the term “life insurance” can sound intimidating, but purchasing life insurance is one of the most financially sound choices you can make in your lifetime. And really, life insurance isn’t about you at all. The policy may be in your name, but its entire purpose is to benefit the people that live on after you are gone. It’s emotional, it’s scary, but it’s too important to ignore.

Life Insurance Keeps Your Family Protected
In the case of your passing, any family members that have been relying on you financially will be left without your support. For most people, this means that the living spouse has only one income on which to pay the same bills, raise children, save for college, or pay for medical expenses. With life insurance coverage, your family receives a death b10282236_senefit payment upon the time of your passing, so they will not need to feel the sting of financial strain along with the heavy grief that follows the death of a loved one.

Most men and women consider this to be the very top priority when choosing life insurance. They want to know that their spouses, children, or parents would not be burdened or forced into difficult situations in desperation to make enough money. With your life insurance payment, your spouse could pay off debts, cover daily living expenses, pay for your funeral and burial, and more. Final funeral expenses alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and most families don’t have that kind of money sitting around gathering dust—hence the importance of an insurance policy!

Life Insurance Can Offer Benefits Throughout Your Life
There are two forms of life insurance, term and whole. If you choose to invest in whole life insurance, you are permanently insured throughout your entire life and you even build a cash value on your policy that you can borrow against as a loan down the road. As long as your payments are on time, your whole life insurance policy could help you acquire the money for a down payment on a home, a new car, or any other large purchase that would otherwise require a bank and nasty interest rates.

Taxes come a callin’ even after death, especially estate taxes. Large estates are charged very hefty estate taxes after death, and the right life insurance policy can make sure that is a non-issue for any survivors.

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Never Fight For a Parking Space Again

Parking lots are more than just expansive, flat lots covered strategically in Seattle asphalt and concrete. They are also a lifeline for shoppers, workers, and visitors who need a place to leave their cars while completing the tasks of their day. For many people traveling to populated cities, finding parking can be an enormous hassle. In fact, one 2011 study found that 30 percent of any city’s traffic is caused by people desperately trying to find parking spaces.

Putting aside the wasted time and frustration that occurs during a parking lot war, cars in just one 15-block neighborhood travel more than 3,600 miles every single day searching for parking. Think of all the pollution the Earth could be shielded from if people could head straight to their parking spots and continue with their tasks.

Technology gurus noticed the parking dilemma and decided to take matters into their own hands by creating parking apps on mobile devices.

ParkWhiz, for example, allows drivers to find, reserve, and even pre-pay for parking spots near their destination. Similarly, ParkingPanda partners with different sporting leagues, stadiums, and family attractions to help visitors scout out available parking closest to their location. Another app called BestParking began by helping drivers find off-airport parking around the country, but has since expanded to parking garages around 110 cities in America.

Across the pond in England, the app AppyParking allows motorists to find available Seattle concrete parking spaces without driving around in thick traffic. It’s very simple: open spots are highlighted in green while filled spaces are red. Better yet, viewers can sort parking spots that are cheapest or nearest and even ask the app to indicate parking spots for the disabled.

Although technology has its downsides of causing distracted driving accidents and contributing to a society dependent upon smartphones, these parking apps are truly helping a cause that has more profound consequences than most people realize.

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All About Water Filtration?

Given the extensive amount of pollution on our Earth that ranges from chemical waste and acid rain to fossil fuel exhaust, it’s no wonder that you can’t always trust the quality of the water coming out of your kitchen sink. Although bottled water sales skyrocketed about 700 percent between 1997 and 2005, studies now show that bottled water is really no safer than regular tap water.

Rather than contributing to the water bottle myth and enabling the landfill waste associated with bottled water, you should use water filters instead say Robin Swartz, owner of Friends Plumbing, a Clearwater plumbing company. A water filter is an incredibly simple and affordable way to guarantee that you and your family members are drinking water that is safe and free of all contaminants.

What is a Water Filter?

Water Filtration

Basic water filters have existed for more than 4,000 years to purify water, and today’s versions have come a long way since the simple cloth sleeve used in ancient Greece.  Every modern filter uses what is called a “filter media” to block contaminants from passing through with the flow of water. Carbon medias are the most popular type of filter because they can remove more contaminants. During the adsorption process, water contaminants break their bonds with water molecules and instead bond with the carbon.

Water filters process water slowly to ensure that all contaminants are stripped from the water. Unlike distillation and reverse osmosis methods to purify water, filters can create truly pure water that isn’t stripped of its valuable minerals. In fact, filtration is one of just three forms of water purification that is proven to effectively remove dangerous VOCs and chlorine from water.

Finding the Right Filter

A trip to any home goods store or calling a St Petersburg plumber will remind you that filters are available in just about every shape and size imaginable. Which is best for you? You can choose a whole-house filter, a shower filter, or a simple faucet filter. Brands like Brita also offer pitchers with a built-in filter for convenience. Talk to your plumber to determine the exact needs of your home based on your water quality.

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The Intricacies of Real Estate Law Explored

Real estate is one of the most lucrative industries in the modern world. More and more importance is being attached to the transactions that take place in the world of real estate. On the same note, there is a real estate law that comes into play. Whether you are buying or selling a real estate property, the law must apply. The purchase or sale of a real estate property is such a complex process- and more so, when you are doing it for the first time.

Every state will have its specific requirements that must be obeyed by the residents. This is the number one reason why you need to start having consultations with a real estate legal professional as soon as possible. Why is it important for you to find a reputable real estate attorney?

real estate law bookFor starters, there are legal consequences for the omissions and mistakes committed when buying a real estate property. These legal charges have the potential to cause you major headaches and sleepless nights. Hiring a real estate attorney can go a long way in helping you avoid possible pitfalls that could lead you to legal penalties. He or she will help you evaluate the various mortgage and housing situations with your agent and broker respectively. Further, it is imperative for you to find professional help when reviewing the relevant documents before appending your signature on them. This way, it will be easy for you to determine if there are unique circumstances surrounding the purchase that need the legal opinion of a professional.

Real estate transactions cost significant amounts of money. Before appending your signature on any document, it is advisable that a legal professional walks with you on this extraordinary journey. Another importance of involving a real estate attorney is that it helps to make the process less daunting. Even a little help makes a whole lot of difference. While you can decide to familiarize yourself with the relevant laws, you may not really understand everything.

What are the costs of a real estate attorney? The total amount is dependent on where you are located. The extent to which the attorney is involved in the process is also a decisive factor. Nevertheless, whatever the cost is, his or her presence will help you avoid possible costly mistakes. Besides, having the guidance of a legal professional will give you the peace of mind needed during such a demanding process.

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What a Real Estate Attorney Can Do For You?

Selling or purchasing a home is one of the most important investments that you can make in life. The procedure involves the law of real property, which is intricate and raises particular issues of practice. A Tampa real estate lawyer is well-versed in handling all kinds of transactions. Here are a few areas that an attorney can be of help when it comes to buying or selling properties.

Review Transactions

Some lawyers only deal with evaluating the real estate proceedings and giving advice. Clients can choose to sign contracts, negotiate for deals and then hire an attorney to do an assessment. The evaluation typically entails examining legal titles, environmental issues and other documents involved in the contract. An attorney will play guardian and ensure that you don’t fall into any traps. Sometimes you’ll find that the contractor is actually trying to sue for damage to their property and in those cases you would be smart to consult with a property damage attorney in Tampa who has the experience to help you in this situation.

In some cases, taxing issues in your real estate transaction may not come to light until later on. A lawyer will carry out a thorough review of the entire contract to ensure that everything gets done in the right manner.


At times, the real estate deals do not end smoothly. A client may choose to involve the court when disagreements crop up during real estate transactions. If you plan to file a lawsuit, it’s imperative that you hire a professional real estate attorney to represent you. He will help you draft the legal documents to file with the judge, take part in hearings and file appeals if needed. More importantly, the lawyer is well-placed in bargaining with the opposing counsel. This way, the parties can concede to settlement agreements and shun tedious court trials


If you have a busy schedule, it may be difficult to get time to deal with all the parts of your real estate deal. An attorney will help you negotiate the most favorable deals with the other party. He will also be of immense help when it comes to dealing with financial institutions and the property developers.

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Filing Workers Comp Claims in Florida

Filing a Workers Compensation claim can be challenging, especially ensuring you get all the deserved benefits. If not done correctly, one may lose their ability to get compensation. The following are the steps for filing a worker’s compensation claim as told by Tampa workers comp law firm Catania & Catania and detailed at

Report immediately
The first step in filing a claim is to report the incident as soon as possible. Though Florida requires one to file the case within 30 (thirty) days, it is advisable to report the injury as soon as it occurs. This is to help build a stronger case and avoid the risk of denial of benefits. Filing is done by giving notice to someone at a managerial position.
In the event that the victim is not able to personally file for the claim, example due to hospitalization, a formal notification can be excused provided the employer is made aware of the existence of the incidence.

Provide necessary information
The employee should then provide detailed information of all witnesses, when, where and how the injury or illness took place.

The employee should then get examined to assess the full extent or severity of the injury or illness. The employer should provide the list of all authorized medical providers. These medical providers should be approved to handle workers compensation cases.

Obtain medical evidence
Medical evidence is the most important evidence for workers compensation claims, and is used to determine the severity of the party’s injuries. There however should be a direct link between your job and the cause of the injury. Evidence provided by the doctor will go a long way in helping you get the benefits available for the injury.

Compensation starts once the comp carrier has been notified. The comp carrier pays the medical bills, partial income and all other benefits available to the victim.

To ensure compensation, file the claim with the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation within two (2) years of the injury or illness. Consulting a qualified attorney will increase the chances of getting all the deserved benefits.

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Advantages of Screen Enclosures for Your Pool

Pool enclosures need not be expensive. While other companies charge you exorbitant rates to give the opportunity to be the proud owner of a pool enclosure, we are actually doing the opposite. Our company ( has been in the screen enclosure and outdoor home improvement business for almost 30 years. In that span of time we have developed manufacturing techniques that keep the quality of our products up while keeping the costs down. If you are raring to have that dream pool enclosure to protect your loved ones, then now is your chance to have a custom-built one without breaking the bank.

Pool Enclosure Advantages

pool enclosure

If you have a pool in your house that would mean that you are someone who loves to entertain. However, people wouldn’t have a great time in your pool party if they are at the mercy of the elements or under duress from the sting of bugs and insects. No one wants to dive into a dirty pool, either. Well, if you have our pool enclosure, you won’t have to worry about all these things anymore.

A key feature of a pool enclosure in Tampa is that it protects your pool (and you) from the elements. For one, the sun could turn a perfect pool party into a nightmare when everybody’s starting to suffer from sunburn. Worst of all, chronic long exposure to the sun’s rays could metastasize into melanoma or other forms of skin cancer. That would be a real bummer, right? With our pool enclosure’s roof, you can avoid the damaging effects of the sun, creating a shade that would be perfect for your pool party. No more sunburn, and goodbye to melanoma. Aside from the sun, the occasional rain would not stop you from enjoying the pool party, too, since you are shaded from any downpour as well.

Another advantage of pool enclosures is that it keeps bugs and insects at bay (and the occasional stray rodent who would want nothing better than your ham and cheese sandwich). We wouldn’t want our guests and family being peppered with insect bites while they are trying to enjoy themselves in your swimming pool. Also, some bugs are not only irritating, they could also be potentially dangerous, as some have the capabilities to give you diseases. So to avoid these possible problems a screen enclosure is a must.

Finally, a pool enclosure keeps your pool clean and dirt-free. How often did you experience having to skim the pool surface after a gentle whiff of a breeze suddenly stirred a bunch of leaves and twigs into your swimming pool? Imagine the horror and the agony it must have been for you when a strong wind comes up… But if you have a pool enclosure, it acts like a sieve, allowing air to circulate freely while keeping leaves and other matter where it belongs: outdoors.

Custom-Made Just for You

Our company takes pride in their work, and so we will customize your pool enclosure to suit your exact needs and budget. We will precisely measure your pool area and will work with you to give you the design that you want. We have various styles that would suit every taste and budget. You could even choose the color of your roof to match the color of your house.

From Pool Enclosures and Beyond

We are a leading company when it comes to outdoor home improvement. That is why aside from pool enclosures we also have other outdoor products such as Patio Lanais, Vinyl Sliding Doors, Windows, Floors, Decks, Patios and Awnings. Visit our website to see our full complement of outdoor improvement products.

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Preparations one has to undertake before building fences

The security of people and property within a compound is one of the major concerns of property owners. It is for this reason that the selection of the best appropriate gates and security enclosures is given a lot of consideration, regardless of whether the property enclosed is a residential or a commercial area. Property owners make significant investments in choosing a fence or gate enclosure, and it is for this reason that they often choose only companies who have built a reputation in the construction and installation of fences and gates.

building a fence

Before engaging any company or contractor for the building of your fences or walls, property owners need to make preparations themselves before the fences and gates are installed. These minor preparations can significantly help in ensuring that everything will run smoothly until construction. Property owners must first ensure their property lines so that by the time the fences are built, these structures will not in any way encroach upon the property of other people. Having your neighboring property owners informed of your intentions will also help because you will never know that they are also considering a similar project and this in turn can save you money by collaborating with them.

Contacting the local authorities to secure the necessary building permits is also important because this will somehow inform you of whether or not there are restrictions in the installation of fences. Some areas may have limits as to height and design and these restriction, if any, must be taken into consideration when selecting the final design of your fences. Contacting the providers of local utilities will also help so that you will be aware of where the utility lines pass and in that way, the fences will not impede or damage these utility lines.

One more thing that one has to prepare prior to the installation of the fence is to know the requirements of the owner. Is the fence merely for aesthetic or primarily for security? The way the commercial fence in Tampa will be designed and be made of will usually depend on the purpose for which the fence is to be built. Hence, it is better to know in advance the purpose to save time and money on the part of the property owner.

These are some preparations that one has to consider before building an enclosure. They may be considered minor but in the end may turn out to be critical.

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Controlling and preventing the spread of cockroaches

Studies conducted showed that cockroaches are the most usual pests that infest homes. There are various kinds of cockroaches with German cockroaches being the most common in the United States. These roaches breed so fast to the point that their population can soon be beyond your control. Making your house cockroach free is very difficult but controlling the spread and increase of these pests is very much possible.

There are several strategies that can be undertaken for indoor pest control of cockroaches. One important strategy is preventive strategy or actions that have to be undertaken to prevent cockroaches from entering your homes. One should always inspect any item brought to the home and ensure that the same is free from cockroach. Sealants are also important to keep away cockroaches from your homes. Use sealants to cover any cracks in bathrooms, outside doors, windows, kitchens or any orifice that can be the passageway of cockroaches from the outside. Preventing cockroaches from moving to your place is important because once cockroaches enter your place and start to breed, then eco pest control becomes an issue.

cockroachCockroaches thrive well in places where there are food, shelter and water. By denying them these things, you can effectively keep away from cockroaches. Make sure that all foods are properly stored so as to prevent any leakages. Checking regularly the plumbing and drains for any leaks will also be very helpful in preventing cockroaches to thrive in your place. Equally important is to always keep your house clean.

Trapping of cockroaches can also be done to control these pests. Cockroach traps can be bought at various home stores. The cockroach trap is also an effective way of knowing the degree of infestation that your place is subjected to.

The hiring of a Tampa pest control company can particularly helpful in severe cases of infestations. It is usually the last remedy availed of particularly if all efforts to get rid of cockroaches had failed. Most Florida pest control companies use chemical control in getting rid of cockroaches. There are chemicals for pest control that are available for homeowner’s use but what professionals use are the stronger and more powerful chemicals. Homeowners are advised to keep away from strong chemicals which are usually used by professionals because of the extra precautions that have to be undertaken in handling the substances.  Insecticides are poisonous even to humans hence extra care should always be undertaken and these chemicals should always be kept out of children’s reach.

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General Pool Maintenance

pool maintenance care

Swimming pools could be tricky to maintain if you don’t have the proper information on how to go about it. If you are too busy to take care of your pool, let a professional pool service company like Bay Area Pool Services or pool maintenance agency do the hard work for you. However, if you want to save money, then it would be a great idea to do the pool maintenance and pool service yourself.

The key to proper maintenance is clean water that has a balanced chemistry. To do this, you should at least have a weekly routine in cleaning your pool and maintaining its chemical balance.

Step 1: Chemically balance your pool
Your pool water is chemically balanced if it has the right pH level, alkalinity and calcium hardness quantities. If you maintain proper levels then your pool should be doing alright. It is important to have a proper chemical balance because it keeps your metal equipment and accessories from prematurely oxidizing and plastic surfaces from etching. It also helps prevent surface stains, water cloudiness and formation of scales in pool equipment. The best part is that it prevents skin and eye irritation.

Step 2: Chlorinate your pool
Chlorinating your swimming pool water is also important because this prevents unwanted bacterial and algal growth. A murky water would be unwelcoming to guests, and it could be potentially unhealthy for swimmers. You can choose from a variety of options:

Liquid Chlorine – similar to the bleach you use in your house, but this one is two to three times as potent and is especially formulated for swimming pools. Though easy to use and a very effective sanitizer, it has a short shelf life compared to other chlorine products, as it is only potent for a few weeks after being opened.

Chlorinating Granules – Multifunctional granular chlorine products can help you perform several tasks at once by chlorinating, shocking and killing algae with a single, daily application.

Chlorinating Tabs – Many varieties of chlorine sanitizers offer a multifunctional approach to pool care. There are a variety of chlorinating tabs available to sanitize your pool and keep it in great shape for swimming, while shocking your pool to remove contaminants. Other varieties kill bacteria and control algae, while softening your water and protect pool equipment.

Step 3: Shock Your Swimming Pool

Shocking is a procedure wherein you put chemicals in the water to get rid of bacteria and contaminants that foul the water. There are two types: Basic and Multi-functional Shock Products. Basic Shock products work by killing bacteria as well as breaking down swimmer wastes such as suntan lotions, cosmetics, perspiration and other impurities that could not be filtered out of a pool. Basic shock products reduce odor and eye irritation, as well as helping in keeping your water clear.

Multifunctional shock products not only eliminates bacteria and swimmer wastes, it also balances pH levels, enhances filtration and adds algal protection.

Step 4: Add Algaecide to Your Pool
As the name implies, it kills and retards the growth and proliferation of microscopic plants known as algae. We don’t want to bathe in green water, do we? That is why adding algaecide to your pool water will keep it sparkling clear.

Step 5: Clean the pool
Remove any debris from the surface of your swimming pool. Always check if there is fallen materials that sank to the bottom of your pool and make sure to get it.

With these simple steps, you are on your way to maintaining a healthy and clean swimming facility. However, if there are major problems that need professional care, better call pool repair specialists or pool service companies to get the job done right. If you’re looking for pool service in Naples, Florida, you know who to contact.

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