Smart Remodeling Tips


There’s no guarantee that the money you invest in home remodeling will return you when you have to sell your home in later years. Check out these tips for spending your money wisely on any project.

Choose Materials That Match The Neighborhood

If you pick low-end materials to remodel or refinish your home with, and you live in a high-end neighborhood, then that is going to hurt the resale value of your house. On the same note, using high-end materials in a lower-priced neighborhood is going to drive out buyers that can’t afford your home. Plus, it won’t do much to push your sale price up. There’s an upper limit to what people can afford if they’re shopping for a home in a poor neighborhood.

Make Sure That The Job Is Done Right

If you are unable to do professional quality remodeling work on your own, then you need to hire someone who can. No buyer is going to pay through the nose for amateur-quality work.

Don’t Make Your House Look Too Different From The Neighbors’ Houses

Your goal is not to stand out when you’re improving your home. If you improve your home too much, you’ll get less money when you try to sell it. Would you pay a ton of money for a mansion if it were located in a shabby part of town? Be sensible with your home improvements and don’t think you can improve the home to such an extent that it will make buyers forget about the neighborhood it is located in. Instead, try to make your home look as polished, clean, and put together as possible – but still within the bounds of what the neighborhood as a whole looks like.

Strive For Timeless Design

If you invest in a lot in a certain home design trend, it could cost you later. When that trend goes out of style, buyers aren’t going to want to see it anymore. Today’s new remodeling finish choices are tomorrow’s junk décor. Even a flawlessly executed remodeling project will fade in value with the passage of enough time. You probably remember brass bathroom fixtures? Those are no longer in style. Some unfortunate people did invest a lot in them though. Bathroom remodeling can be really expensive, so it was a double whammy of a bad decision for those people.

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Easy Home Repair Tips And Tricks

home repairHome repair can be costly, which is why we’ve come up with this short list that will help you save some money. Why call a handyman to fix something, when you can make use of DIY tips and tricks? These tips will help with mold remediation and removal in Tampa, along with saving money over the course of the year.

Easy Home Repair Tips

This short list of tips will save you money – guaranteed.

Door Hinges That Squeak: Spray some WD-40 on the door hinges, and move the door in a slow motion so that the lubricant gets worked in. You might even rub the hinges with some petroleum jelly. If these tips don’t work, you can try lifting the pins up a little and try lubricating them with oil. Be sure to use a cloth to soak up all the oil drips.

A Floor That Squeaks: You can try to sprinkle talcum powder over a problem area of the floor, and you can also sweep it into the cracks. If you plan on refinishing the floor, be sure to remove any bits of powder first.

Wallpaper That Is Peeling Off: Take a knife and put wallpaper paste all over a piece of clean white writing paper. You can use printer paper if you wish. Then, rub the paper against the underside of the bit of wallpaper that is peeling away. Next, press the wallpaper back to the wall. Slide the printer paper out and smooth away the bubbles with a white cloth. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Your Chair Has Worn Caning: Some caning is normal, and any chair will experience sagging over time. To tighten the caning up again, take a sponge to wet the underside of the chair with warm water. Let the chair dry slowly overnight. Repeat it you have to. I bet you never thought water could save you the cost of a new chair.

Checking for Leaks: Always check for leaks before you purchase a home, and while your remodeling. I’ve had many Tampa mold remediation inspection projects pop out of nowhere after not checking for water damage before remodeling a home. It costs extra money, and isn’t something you want to do.

A Tub That Is Stained: Combine baking soda and cream of tartar in equal parts with enough lemon juice so that you get a paste. Rub it all into the stain with a soft cloth or your fingers. Let the mixture site for about 30 minutes, then rinse it off well with warm water. You can use these basic household chemicals to make your own perfect tub-cleaning solution. Most people don’t know about it, but there was once a time when most people made their cleaning chemicals at the time.

For more advice on detecting leaks and keeping your home in proper shape – contact me for any specific questions.

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